1997 Porsche 993 GT2 Twin Turbo 3.6 Liter Engine

Price: $95,000.00
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  • A former PMNA powerhouse #329 in beautiful condition with a perfect crank. The cylinder heads have been rebuilt by Ollie's. 


    - crank case in perfect condition

    - forged crankshaft

    - Carrillo steel connecting rods

    - GT1 oil pump


    Engine number: PMNA #329

    Engine type:     M64/81

    Bore:     100 mm diameter

    Stroke:     76.4 mm

    Total displacement:     3.598 ccm

    Compression ratio:     80:1

    Max power output:     342 kW / 465hp with 34.2 mm diameter restrictor at 5.750 rpm

    Max torque:     670 Nm at 5.000 rpm

    Max permissible engine speed: 6.700 rpm

    Engine dry weight: 200kg

    Turbocharger:     KKK K24 2470 GGA 10.80

    Restrictor/96 BPR GT1:     dia: 33.4 mm/1.120 kg

    Valve timing:

    Intake valve diameter:     49 mm

    Intake stroke:     12.5 mm

    Exhaust valve diameter:     42.5 mm

    Exhaust stroke:     12.0 mm

    Inlet cam top at:     120° ATDC

    Exhaust cam top at:     105° BTDC

    Camshaft adjustment:

    Timing:    Intake stroke at overlap TDC with 0.10 mm valve clearance: 2.3 +/-0.05 mm

    Camshafts:     M64/83

    Piston/cylinder 993 Turbo standard components with increased piston clearance and modified exhaust valve relief

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