The Lucky Lager 911 was purchased used from a salesman at the Porsche factory salesroom in Stutgartt by Bruce O'Neil in early 1967. He then had the engine and suspension modified by the factory race department to FIA Group 2 homologation specs and went racing. He ran the car at Spa, Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Rouen, and Montlhery. 

In early 1968, he brought the car back to the U.S. and began competing in SF Region SCCA races winning the B Sedan Championship in 1968. He also ran the car in the 1968 TransAm race at Riverside. The car was maintained by Kirberg Motors in San Francisco, and sponsored by the Lucky Lager Brewing Co.


In late 1968 the car was sold to Walter Maas, who drove the car to numerous wins, taking the S.F. Region SCCA B Sedan Championship in 1969. He also ran the car in two Trans Am races in 1969; Laguna Seca and Sears Point (he was disqualified when he refueled the car out on the track after running out of fuel near turn 9).


Ed Matsuishi purchased the car from Walt in early 1971 and licensed it for the street. He used the car as a daily commuter from 1971 to 1995 running the car in occasional autocross, and club racing events, accumulating over 200,000 miles. Fortunately, he kept and stored the original engine, transmission, driver's seat, and various other parts taken off the car. 

In 1995 the car under went a complete restoration. Using numerous original race photos, old SCCA records, and generous help from both Bruce O'Neil, Walt Maas, and Bill Schorman the car was restored to its 1969 TransAm and SCCA race specs.

The car is still raced regularly by Ed, and has been maintained by Retro Sport since 2003.


While in our care, the car has had several engine and transmission rebuilds. We've also done extensive replacement and maintenance on the undercarriage and running gear. We have left most of the racing "love taps" and patina as it seemed like the car had earned those dents and bumps honestly. Especially poignant when one considers that most of these bumps and scrapes happened while being driven by, and driven in anger against, some of the world's most recognizable drivers of that era, on some of the world's greatest tracks, and in several of what today can only be described as "legendary" race series.




Vehicle Details:

Year: 1965

Make: Porsche

Model: 911

Chassis #: 303145

Exterior Color: White

Interior Color: Black

Engine: 6cyl

Transmission: 5sp