1969 R Gruppe Porsche 911E

Vehicle Details

Make: Porsche

Model: 911E

Chassis #: 119200924

Exterior Color: Black

Interior Color: Black

Engine: 3.6L

Transmission: 915 5sp

Year: 1969

Car History

This R Gruppe modified 1969 911 was acquired by Ferdinand Huergas in 1986 from PCA member Llew Kinst as a partial trade for a 1974 914 2.0. It was used for advertisement purposes by Partsheaven of Hayward, CA; appearing in Excellence magazine and Panorama 1997-2000. It was also featured along with 3 other modified early 911s in the April 98 issue of Excellence Magazine.

The high quality paint work was done in 1994 at Shattuck Auto Center, Berkeley CA by Joe/Jim Padilla, (formerly “Padilla Bros”). Chassis work and front trunk compartment refurbishment was done in 2008 by the late Carol Von-Kleindeinst & Guy Walker of “JUST CAROL” San Jose, California. It was brought to Retro-Sport in 2012 for the installation of the 3.6 liter twin plug motor and restorations of undercarriage & modifications to suspension, brakes and transmission.

Ben Kirchner worked closely with Ferdinand and his brother, Cris Huergas in this project. A number of discussions and meetings took place during the restoration project and the final completion took place just in time for this R Gruppe 911 to make its debut at the annual R Gruppe Treffen in May 2013 held in Solvang, California where it was put on display amongst its fellow r Gruppe brethren.

Drive Train

The motor was from a 914-6 GT clone with 17K miles owned by Ernie King. It is a 3.6 liter twin plug built by Denny Kahler & Jerry Woods on a 3.2 case, 964 cranks, rods, cylinders, pistons, heads, case squirters, J.Woods mild cams, modified 46 IDA Webers, 906 type PMO manifolds. Dyno tuned by Jerry Woods in conjunction with the rebuild: 276HP @ 6022 RPM’s with 263 FT./LBS. torque @ 4520 RPM’s.

The 3.6 motor was brought to Retro-Sport after it's been in storage for 6-7 years. The engine was thoroughly inspected and deemed in good health. Ferd emphasized that he wanted a period looking racing motor and had the 964 type distributor and the stock 964 red engine shroud removed. In its place a lightweight amber fiberglass engine shroud was installed along with a twin plug Marelli distributor with the correct distributor wires and connectors. Tall 906 type PMO intake manifolds bolted on to 46 IDA Weber carburators was used for induction.

Ben Kirchner replaced the jetting and adjusted mixture settings and got the carbs dialed in. A pair of custom made fiberglass 917 type air cleaner were fabricated and adds a nice touch to the engine compartment. A pair of SSI heat exchangers were sourced directly from the manufacturer and a custom triple outlet exhaust was custom built by Dennis Echevary. The engine compartment was cleaned, prepped and painted in preparation of the engine is tall.

The stock 901 gearbox was previously removed and a 915 transmission with special gearing and limited slip was completely rebuilt by Retro-Sport. The transmission was modified to a mechanical speedo drive gear to connect the mechanical speedometer. New CV joint axle assembly were installed.


With regards to the braking system, Ferd opted for 930 brakes upgrades which utilizes the four piston calipers in the front and rear. This modification proved to be more challenging than anticipated because of the limited space between the brake caliper cooling fins and the back edges of the Fuchs alloy wheels. Most 930 brake system upgrades involves shaving or filing down the cooling fins in order to create the clearance between the cooling fins and back edge of the Fuchs wheels. Ferd was adamant that he does not want the fins shaved or filed down so some machining and modifications were made to the caliper mounting surface to create the necessary clearance. This additional work proved tedious and time consuming with additional grinding done to the aluminum rear trailing arms as well as cutting off the end tabs but the end result was well worth it as the caliper fins and the PORSCHE raised stamping was untouched. New drilled 930 brake rotors were bolted and new brake lines installed along with a completion type brake pads and new master cylinder. New front and rear wheel bearings were also installed along with longer wheel studs.


The front suspension was upgraded with new Kokeln fully adjustable front sway bars. The front struts was replaced with modified Bilstein RSR front struts with raised spindles. This was deemed necessary to retain the proper angle and geometry of the front wheel hubs. Larger torsion bars and new replacement rubber bushings were installed to retain a moderate ride. Adjustable tie rods and ball joints were aloso used. The rear suspension was also modified with the use of lighter aluminum rear trailing arms replacing the heavier steel trailing arms. Adjustable rear spring plates were also fitted with larger torsion bars and fully adjustable rear sway bars. Bilstein Sports shocks were used front and rear.


The front trunk was refurbished, painted and detailed. RSR type front strut brace was fabricated and installed tying in both left and right shock tower. A refurbish gas tank was installed after being sent out for cleaning. Gold centered 7" Fuchs mounted on period correct Pirelli CN36 tire is used as a spare. The battery was relocated in the smuggler’s box.


The exterior with its flawless black lacquer paint is well polished and accented with gold Carrera side scripts along with gold Carrera RS emblem on the ducktail and gold bumper striping. A factory duck tail was sourced from Partsheaven many years ago and mounted along with an RS front fiberglass bumper. The front wheels are 15x7” Fuchs on 205/50 Yokohama tires and the rears are 15x8s with Yokohama 225/50 tires. The gold centered Fuchs has the outer lips hand sanded by Ferd to achieve the look and finish of the original anodized. Front European H-1 head lites are used in the front with European front and rear signal lenses.


The interior was converted into a lightweight RS style with removal of the rear seat backs and door panels. In place was a lightweight RS style perlon carpeting along with RS style door panels. The seats are unique and rare Paddy Hopkirk bucket seats with 5 point racing harness. Period correct Momo Prototipo steering wheel has been in this car since 1987. A wooden 917 shift knob also replaced the stock shifter knob. Autopower roll bar with cross bracing was installed. 

Ferd got the idea to have individuals who greatly contributed to this project. The first signature was requested from Ben Kirchner who worked closely with Ferd on the restoration and completion of this project. Ernie King who previously owned the 3.4 liter engine, Al Uejo of Partsheaven who supplied numerous parts for this project, Guy Walker who along with the late Carol Von Kleindeist reconstructed the front nose panel, Llew Kinst the previous owner of this car and his brother, Cris Huergas President and co-founder of R Gruppe.

The signatures symbolize the individuals who contributed to the project.