930 Race 3rd/4th/5th Gears

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IMPORTANT - 930R 3rd/4th/5th gears will ONLY fit:

  • 934-935 3rd & 4th
  • 956-962 4th & 5th

For 934-935 2nd: Get 930R 2nd/3rd
For 956-962 2nd & 3rd: 
Get 930R 2nd/3rd

All available ratios are in stock and ready to ship. Price may vary depending on your selection.

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    About Retro Sport Gears

    Optimize your car's drive-train by tuning your gearbox with custom ratio gear sets. Many different ratios available for all Porsche transaxles. Get great starts off the line, and utilize the full top-end speed of your engine, by tailoring your car's powerband to fit your personal driving style or course conditions.

    All Albins® gears receive the standard anti-fatigue shot peening treatment and are manufactured using their own proprietary grade of steel. We carry two different manufacturing styles of gears - the original hobbed style, and the new profile ground. Profile grinding is the same process used to manufacture Porsche factory gears and allows for stronger, quieter, and longer lasting gears.

    Contact us to request a consultation on your specific application. Whatever your circumstance, we'll help you find the gear ratios and ring/pinion combinations that work best for your driving needs.