1990 Porsche 962 3.2 liter IMSA Air/Air Engine

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This 962 engine is a 3.2 liter with a GT1 bottom end. It was rebuilt by PMNA and dynoed in 2011. It has a GT1 crankshaft and GT1 Pankl rods. Comes complete with 962 bell housing, clutch cover and starter bridge. It also includes 962 front engine mount. The engine is mounted to a very nice display stand with mirror base and wheels. It does not include turbo, waste gates, intercooler end tank, turbo plumbing or ECU. Most of these parts can be purchased separately though Retro Sport.

The engine was pulled apart for inspection in 2017. It was put back together and given a clean bill of health. We have pictures of the most recent work on the engine. The engine can be dynoed at PMNA for an extra charge if someone wants.

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Engine number: PMNA #358

Engine type: 962/71

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