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  • Here is a complete, dynoed and track-ready engine ready for a Porsche 935 race car. It comes loaded with correct and authentic Factory 935 parts.

    This engine was in the car that won the 3-Hour "Tribute to Le Mans" in the mid-1990s. Shortly thereafter the long block and internals were rebuilt by Bob Holcombe of MotorSport Design (MODE) and converted to an electronic fuel injection system. This converted engine was never raced and sat untouched for around 20 years. 

    In 2017 Retro Sport converted it back to the correct original spec 935 Mechanical Fuel Injection system which was deemed more valuable.

    The horseshoe and intercooler are currently flipped around backwards because of the configuration of the owner's car (930 setup). This is opposite of a real factory 935 and can be converted back to the original position on request for an additional fee. 

    It was dyno tuned by Ben Kirchner of Retro Sport and you can view the video below. Dyno sheets are available upon request. 

    > Watch Dyno Video on YouTube

    Parts on the engine are as follows:

    • Factory 935 unstamped race case
    • Factory 935 6-bolt crank
    • Factory 935 Mechanical Fuel Injection Pump
    • Factory 935 Oil Filter
    • Factory 935 Throttle Bodies - Rebuilt
    • Factory 935 Horseshoe Intake
    • Factory 935 Air-to-Air Intercooler
    • Factory 935 Flat Fan, Fan Drive, and Fan Shroud
    • Factory 935 Valve Cover with a Fuel Injection Pump Mount
    • Factory 935 Fuel Injectors
    • Factory 935 Correct Cohline Plumbing
    • Factory 935 Fuel Lines
    • Factory 935 Pulleys
    • Factory 935 Scavenge Oil Pump
    • Factory 935 Twin Plug Distributor
    • Factory 935 Center Lube Camshaft Covers, Center Lube Camshafts, and Racing Rockers
    • Factory 935 Turbo Headers
    • KKK K27 Turbos
    • Factory 935 Wastegates
    • Kremer 935 Alu Engine Hanger
    • Factory 935 Intermediate Shaft
    • Factory 935 Alternator
    • Factory 935 Unmarked Race Case
    • Carillo Connecting Rods
    • RUF 98mm Pistons and Cylinders; 7.5:1 Compression Ratio
    • Current cylinder heads are based on the 3.2 cylinder heads

    Parts that were rebuilt by Retro Sport are as follows:

    • Throttle Bodies
    • Fuel Injection Pump
    • Wastegates
    • Scavenge Oil Pump
    • Fan drive and impeller