Factory 2.0 Liter 911 Race Engine

This engine has all the hallmarks of a factory modified early 911 race engine. Taking it apart was like opening a time capsule - it had not been apart since the '60s or '70s and is in excellent condition. 

The case has been to Ollie's and has had the full service. The camshafts have gone to D. Elgin Cams and have been serviced. The pistons and cylinders have been to Ed Pink and have been cleaned and measured and deemed to be in excellent condition. 

The cylinder heads have been ultrasonically cleaned and checked at Hasselgren Engineering and are in excellent condition. The alternator has been rebuilt. The crankshaft and rods have been measured and are in excellent condition. 


- 1965 sandcast aluminum engine case serial number 902333, type 901/01

- 66mm counter weighted crank with lightened crank gear

- Lightened steel connecting rods 

- Sand cast oil pump with hollow shafts

- 906 chromal cylinders with 80mm 906 pistons in excellent condition (measured perfect)

- 906 heads with 12mm plug and 45I 39E valves

- 906 centerlube cams with solid rockers and nitrided shafts

- Sandcast chain boxes with center lube

- 906 valve covers

- Webber 46mm IDA 3C

- 911R intake manifolds

- 225mm 906 small fan and housing

Engine number: 902333

Engine type: 901/01

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