Porsche 935 Cylinder Heads with New TRW Valves (Set of 6)

Price: $12,300.00
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  • This is an absolutely pristine set of Porsche 935 Cylinder heads. They have been completely rebuilt, by Ollies with no expense spared. They have no cracks what so ever at the spark plug holes and have been rockwell tested to ensure they have not "gone soft". Of all the 935 heads we have seen going in and out of engines, these are by far the most flawless set.

    Part#: 930.104.048.01

    set of 6 with Date stamp: "10-78"

    Parts and work performed:

    12 New TRW Sodium filled valves.

    New Valve guides including rare 935 oil cooling exhaust valve guides

    Resurface sealing surface 

    Valve job

    41mm intake port and 40mm exhaust port.

    Cylinder head height 84.20 - 84.21mm