993 Ring & Pinion

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993 Ring and Pinion Update

Specifically looking for the 8:32 4.000 993 ring and pinion set? We've phased out the 8:32 4.000 ring and pinion set in favor of the 8:33 4.125 ring and pinion set as the 8:33 will provide a quicker acceleration as it is 3% shorter(lower) than the 8:32 4.000

Common and modern tires tend to run a larger tire diameter; therefore lengthening your overall ratio (gain speed while sacrificing acceleration) compared to smaller tire sizes in the past. The 8:33 4.125 ring and pinion set overcomes that difference.

Finally, the 8:32 4.000 is a non-hunting tooth ring and pinion. Once installed, the same tooth contact between the ring gear and pinion will occur indefinitely. The 8:33 is a variable-tooth-contact ring and pinion, so the contact tooth between the ring gear and pinion will rotate around. As a result, the wear is distributed evenly, and will increase the longevity of the ring and pinion.

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