Porsche Boost Knob – Adjustable Control

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    Porsche Boost Knob – Adjustable Control for Porsche 917, 924, 930, 934, 935 and 962.

    This is a painstakingly accurate replica of a Porsche Adjustable Boost Knob.  Porsche actually patented the wastegate (exhaust bypass valve) after a visit to AirResearch in 1971 having figured out a way to improve on the diaphragm valve AirResearch started working with.  In some of the photos is an image from that patent--and this valve is #20 in the diagram.

    Every aspect of these parts conforms to DIN standards where possible.

    • Threads
    • Nut
    • Washer
    • Knurling
    • Across flats dimension on the hand-wheel
    • Slot inside the adjustment screw meant to accommodate a flat tip screwdriver

    The part is hard anodized which gives a nice and durable finish and closely matches the original part.  All fasteners are stainless steel except for the M5 jet nut which locks down the nylon-tipped set screw that sets the wheel feel.

    The regulator comes with M12x1.50 timeserts.

    The machined components are made in America of 7075 and AISI 303 because the Aluminium material quality is superior to 6061. The parts were tumbled after machining to produce a uniform finish before anodizing and the stainless adjuster screws were passivated per ASTM A380.  

    Tools required to disassemble/mount/adjust:

    • Wrenches: 41 mm, 22 mm, 17 mm1 14 mm
    • Allen keys: 6 mm, 3 mm, 2.5 mm