Factory-Style 5 Spoke Centerlock Wheel Set

Now available to purchase is our Retro Sport factory-style five spoke centerlock wheel set, modelled after the factory five spoke magnesium wheels originally available for the Porsche RSR and Porsche 935.

Our Retro Sport centerlock wheels are manufactured in the U.S., CNC machined aluminum, and features multiple locating pin holes for ease of installation. The multi-piece design allows for a modular system to have the appropriate backspacing and width in order to fit your application. Please refer to the photographs for the back of the wheel. Our centerlock wheels are compatible to work with the factory centerlock hubs for RSRs and 934/935s alike, including centerlock hubs, rotors, and rotor hats that we supply.

Sizes available offered in 15" and 16" for the Porsche RSR, 16"/18" for the Porsche 935.

Please send us your wheel specifications like backspacing and overall width, so that we can have the wheels in the proper sizing.


Please inquire about availability at [email protected], by calling 510-907-9700, or filling out the form below.