Vehicle Details

Year: 1985

Make: Porsche

Model: 962C

Chassis #: 962-110

Exterior Color: Almeras Livery

Interior Color: Black

Engine: 2.8L Twin Turbo Flat-6

Transmission: 5-Speed Transaxle

Vehicle History

Serial number 962C-110 was originally sold to Kremer Porsche in March of 1985, and run in the 1985 season, where it suffered a racing accident at the 1000kms of Mosport in August of that year. In 1987, 962C-110 was subsequently rebuilt utilizing a Thompson tub, to 1987 specifications. It was run by Kremer in 1987 and 1988. It was then sold to the Almeras brothers (incidentally the first Frenchmen to own and race a 962C) for the 1989 season, during which they campaigned the car extensively. The car’s exploits were documented in a book of theirs, and the car retains its Almeras livery today. Most recently the car competed with nearly 30 other GTP/Group C cars at the Monterey Historic Automobile Races- undoubtedly the most significant vintage race weekend in North America. Further accolades were accumulated at the 2009 Carmel-By-The-Sea Concours where the car won multiple awards. 

962-110’s competition history is as follows:


Jarama – 4th

Jerez – 2nd

Hockenheim – 2nd

Silverstone – DNF

Le Mans – DNF (Kremer/Kenwood livery)

Nurburgring – 14th


Spa – DNF

Fuji – DNF


Silverstone – DNF (Kremer)

Interseries SAT Livery


Sold to Almeras brothers


Dijon – 19th

Jarama – 12th

Brands Hatch – 10th

Nurburgring – 14th

Spa – 21st

Le Mans – DNF

Trofeo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico — 15th


Pre-Historic Automobile Races, Laguna Seca

Monterey Historic Automobile Races, Laguna Seca

Critically, the car was raced at Le Mans in period, making the car eligible for the Le Mans retrospective. The Almeras brothers rebuilt the engine and generally freshened the car just prior to selling it to an American collector who kept the car (alongside his Ferrari GTO and Maserati 200S) until 2003. The car ran and retains air/water intercoolers, 2.8 litre engine, KKK turbos, and Bosh 1.2 Motronic. The car was treated to a service in December of 2002 that included bodywork, cooling system, fuel system, clutch master cylinder, minor brake service, and miscellaneous hoses and clamps.

During 2009 s/n 110 saw a no-expense spared, massive, pre-season preparation here at Retro Sport to ready the car for any European Class C or USA IMSA GTP events.

Work completed on the vehicle:

Tub and Cabin

• Remove bodywork and aero-package undertray, inspect and repair as needed.

• Remove suspension, engine, transaxle, all system components, coolers/radiators, hoses, fire system, seats, belts, fuel cell, etc., to nearly a bare tub, everything except the wiring, dash panel, and windscreen.

• Remove and send out the fire system for testing.

• Remove and replace high pressure fuel pumps with new correct Bosch 979 pumps.

• Remove and replace tested fuel cell/system and new hoses.

• Remove and replace seat belts with new Sabelt Seat Harness.

• Replace missing seat titanium bolts and hardware.

• Crack test all three pedals and linkages.

• Replace modified fuel pedal with an original pedal, relocate pivot points and bracket in tub.

• Relocate clutch and brake pedal pivot points and bracket in tub.

• Service fuel pedal cable and ends.

• Inspect and test all electrical dash components.

• Repair passengers seat and pump/electrical box cover.

• Replace battery with new Optima and cables.

• Relocate boost knob back to hole in dash (original location).

• Install new old stock 962 MOMO steering wheel.

• Clean tub and inspect all structure and pick-up points.

• Install new door seals.

Outside Services

• Machine new seat sliders and hardware (titanium)

• Fire system inspection (Halon unit weight and components).

• Crack testing.

• Electrical instrument testing/service.

• Passenger seat fiberglass repairs.

• Machine MOMO wheel for Porsche hub.

New Parts

• Original MOMO Steering Wheel.

• High Pressure Fuel Pumps.

• Fuel Cell Fill, gaskets, bolts.

• Original Fuel Pedal.

• Yellow-top Optima Battery.

• Door Seals.

• Sabelt seat Harness.

• Titanium Seat Hardware.

Engine Works Completed

• Gather baseline information on running engine before rebuild, leakdown tests, compression tests, Borescope cylinders, temp checks engine/headers/turbos/radiators/ oil/etc., pressures, fuel mixture, response, computer inputs, etc.

• Clean engine/gearbox/suspension/tub, before removal from car.

• Remove engine and attaching components, tag and store.

• Clean/detail exterior of engine before starting work on engine.

• Verify valve timing and piston to valve clearances.

• Disassemble engine, remove; water pumps, camdeck 1-3 side/4-6 side, cams and buckets 1-3 side/4-6 side, heads/barrels 4-6 side, pistons,

• Initial cleaning of engine parts-hot tank, power wash, solvent wash.

• Verify all engine components to ensure they are within factory wear limits.

• Send parts to the machine shop as required, final check and measure after return from shop.

• Detailed inspection of engine/components while disassembled.

• Pressure test heads, inspect/replace valves/springs/etc.

• Locate and purchase new old stock water head with correct compression/size/specs to replace #5 which had a leak near the valve seat under pressure test.

• Machine new head for proper valve set-up.

• Assemble heads/lap valves/measure heights/set-up valve springs/assemble heads.

• Install pistons/rings/etc.

• Install heads/cylinders/torque/etc.

• Set-up geardrive/install gearbox.

• Assemble camdecks, install cams, buckets, adjust valves, set cam timing on 1-3 side and 4-6 side of engine.

• Rebuild water pumps, machine impellers, add updated seals, install on motor.

• Clean and repair corroded original valve covers.

• Test electrics, alternator, ignition system, wiring, etc.

• Dress motor, covers, fan, alternator, fiberglass, etc.

• Clean, check, test, install; fuel system, injectors, sensors, plenums, harness, plugs, etc.

• Install ignition system.

Outside Services

• Machine works on new head, cut seats/grind valves, pumps and drives, misc., Norman Racing.

New Parts

• Complete 962 C gasket set.

• 962 piston ring set.

• Misc nuts, bolts, studs, etc.

• Spark plugs.

• Original 962-C NOS Air/water head.

• Silicone hose for water and turbo’s.

• Oils, Filters, Fluids, Greases, Sealants, etc.

Gearbox Works Completed

• Remove gearbox and associated components.

• Clean and detail box prior to start of works.

• Confirm gearbox and axle functions prior to disassembly, gear/drive specs, etc.

• Disassemble gearbox.

• Clean and inspect internals, ears, etc.

• Locate and purchase new parts as required, ring and pinion, one gear set, bearings, seals, etc.

• Replace crown wheel and pinion with new gear set 8/37, new bearings, etc.

• Set –up new ring and pinion, pinion depth, backlash, carrier bearing preload, etc.

• Final assembly of gearbox with selected gears.

• Clutch and flywheel inspection and clutch plate replaced with new old stock.

• Rebuild throw-out bearing and system.

New Parts

• Ring and Pinion gear set, 8/37.

• 962 trans gasket set for axle housing.

• 962 trans rear cover gasket set.

• 962 oil pump gaskets.

• 962 side cover o-rings.

• 962 carrier bearings.

• Ring and pinion bolts.

• Locking plate.

• 2nd gear set, 17/26.

• Proper 962 clutch plate.

Miscellaneous work items completed.

• Rebuild BBS wheels, new gasket rings/seals/bolts.

• New wing end plates made, carbon-fiber, not installed yet.

• Align bodyworks, set pins/clips/etc., rewire and test lights, etc.

Suspension Work Completed:

• Complete removal of front and rear suspension, clean, tag, visually inspect, send out for NDE and X-Ray, repair/replace suspension pieces (1), paint and prep, install/set-up.

• Replace 3 incorrect material bolts with correct original spec titanium bolts, proper washers, and some minor rounded head nuts with new hardware for appearance.

• Rear Uprights, disassemble, crack test, inspect wheel bearings (replaced both sides with new (NOS) bearing 5-piece sets, and all seals), properly set-up new wheel bearings in uprights/hubs with Kluber and to Porsche 962 specs.

• Front wheel bearings replaced with new 5-piece sets and new original type seals, set-up pre-load, etc. with Kluber and to Porsche 962 specs.

• Original Porsche Calipers (8ea) remove and replace, clean, inspect and overhaul calipers/pistons w/new seals and parts as required, new Porterfield custom racing pads (16 ea), new hose fittings, hoses, bolts, set-up caliper alignment, floating tolerance, etc.

• Rotors, replace with new front and rear rotors, double heat treated, balanced, cross-drilled, sized, set run-out, etc., as original for car (design, size and vanes), inspect hats, dog rings, set clearance, new hat/rotor bolts and washers.

• Master cylinders, replace with proper new AP masters (3 ea), new hoses/fittings, titanium rods, bench bleed, set stroke/alignment/etc., rebuild balance system, re-set pedal pivot points in tub/bracket.

• Flush brake and clutch system after new installation of calipers/hoses/ftgs/cylinders, bleed system, test front/rear pressure balance and system functions/deflection.

• Dyno, Service/Rebuild, and Re-Dyno the original Bilstein shocks by Bilstein Racing USA.

Outside Services

• NDE and X-Ray suspension, QC Services, all X-Rays are in hand and available.

• Titanium brake push-rods, shorten, drill, thread for proper geometry.

• Some specialized hose fittings crimps/etc.

• Misc machine works on bearing set-up, rotor run-out, etc.

• Shocks rebuilt by Bilstein Racing USA.

New Parts

• Rear 5-piece Wheel Bearings and Seals

• Proper Kluber Wheel Bearing Grease, 2 liters

• Front 5-piece Wheel Bearings and Seals

• Front/Rear Brake and Clutch AP master cylinders

• Stainless Steel Brake lines and fittings

• Raychem heat shrink and heat shield materials

• New misc hardware, titanium, SS, clamps, etc.

• Racing brake pads, Porterfield R-4-1 (16 ea)

• Caliper seal kits (32 rings)

• Rotors, left and right directional, double-heat treated, cross-drilled, balanced, dog-ring matched, hat/rotor bolts.


Fuel System Works Completed

• Remove and Replace high pressure fuel pumps with correct new Bosch “979” pumps.

• Rebuild/service high pressure fuel pump log manifold and o-ring seals/etc.

• Test and service low pressure fuel transfer pumps.

• Remove and Replace all Stainless Steel fuel lines and forged Stainless Steel fittings, and add Raychem shrink protection.

• Remove and test/service fuel cell (certify), replace bladder fill, re-tape fuel can, new gaskets and bolts on plates, new hoses on bladder plates, test/service low level warning sender/light.

• Send Injectors out for cleaning and flow testing to original specs.

• Change original old style Fuel Filters to Kinsler Filters.

Outside services

• Fuel Cell work/supply by AeroTech, Ca.

• Clean/test injectors by RC Engineering, Ca.

New Parts

• Forged Stainless fittings and SS hoses.

• Raychem heat shrink, flame guard.

• Kinsler fuel filters.


Oil System Works Completed

• Remove oil coolers and send out for cleaning, pressure testing, repair and surface coating.

• Re-plumb entire oiling system, new filters, new Wiggins O-rings throughout.

Outside Services

• Pacific Oil Cooler service for Ultrasonic and flow cleaning, testing, repair, surface coatings.

New Parts

• Wiggins O-Rings.

• Hose and fittings.

• Oil Filters.

• Oil Tank Breather Hose.


Cooling System Works Completed

• Remove Water Radiators and send out for cleaning, testing, repairs and coatings.

• Repair radiator support bracket, re-weld.

• Replace Silicone Hoses/clamps/etc.

• Weld in new Wiggins Ferrules on tubing.

• Replace all Wiggins O-Rings, service all fittings in system.

• Rebuild water pumps, machine new water pump impellers, new drive keys and shims.

Outside Services

• Pacific Oil Cooler Service, radiator service.

• Norman Racing machine water pump impellers.

New Parts

• Silicone hoses.

• Wiggins O-Rings.

• Water Pump Impellers, keys, shims, etc.


Turbo Works Completed

• Remove and send out Turbos for overhaul and trim updates.

• Remove Wastegates and overhaul, grind valves, test, etc.

• New Silicone Hoses throughout.

• Remove and send out intercoolers for cleaning, testing, repairs and coatings.

• New gaskets/seals on exhaust side, align flanges/pipes.

• Service/inspect turbo oiling system.

Outside Services

• Turbo Overhaul, upgrades.

• Intercooler cleaning, testing, repair, coating service.

• Wastegate services.

New Parts

• Silicone hoses.

• Turbo and Wastegate Gaskets/seals/clamps.

• Turbo wheels/bearings/etc.

• Wastegate internal parts.


Engine and Support Systems

• Test/Check/Calibrate all electrical systems and sensors during engine run.

• Test/Check all fuel system components for function, leaks, etc.

• Run-in engine and confirm all parameters per Porsche specs.

• Monitor all pressures and temperatures, boost, ECU signal codes, etc.

• Monitor Lambda and assess engine data acquisition information.

• Run engine/transaxle through all gears with wheels turning.

Chassis and Tub

• Set Caster, Camber, Toe, Corner Weight, Sway Bars, Ride Height, Bump, Steering Locks, etc. to Porsche specifications and current 962C race set-up experience.

• Full nut-and-bolt inspection of chassis/suspension, confirm torques, free-play and clearances, check all hose fittings and clamps, rim to suspension/hoses/lines, etc.

• Re-bleed brake system and clutch system, check for pedal bias bar bind and adjustment.

• Test actual brake pressures and bias between front/rear.

• Cycle throttle pedal/cable/arms/springs/throttle bodies for operation and clearance.

• Cycle all suspension unloaded and loaded, as well as steering lock-to-lock, etc.

• Adjust shifter and three-piece linkage, adjust reverse/1st ident.

• Set mirrors, seat position, seat belts, pedals, etc. to driver size requirements.

• Cycle/test air jack system, break valve, lines, mounts, etc.

• Confirm all lights, safety systems, car configuration, etc. for track technical inspection.


• Clean chassis and perform a nut-and-bolt inspection of car.

• Check and fill all fluids, inspect for any drips/leaks/etc.

• Replace inaccurate boost gauge with new-old-stock (NOS) VDO original 962-C boost gauge and confirm operation.

• Check and replace tachometer wiring/lugs, confirm operation.

• Re-clock shifter away from front roll bar hoop for easier shifting into 4th /5th gears.

• Adjust shift linkage for smoother shifting, check/re-align rod arms and slides.

• Replace fuel pump seal washers at fuel log to stop small drip from pump #2.

• Reverse brake balance bar in pedal slide to get more rear bias and to allow for future adjustment for both front and rear bias per 962 spec book.

• Check and replace sensors that are not in spec or with damaged wiring.

• Confirm Bosch dash light codes are resolved after sensor replacement.

• Bleed brakes and check pad wear/rotor condition/etc.

• Adjust clutch for a little more pedal and more release, inspect clutch condition.

• Change out radiator water to distilled water with some inhibitor, bleed system.

• Pull spark plugs for inspection to confirm Lambda and injector operation.

• Visual inspection of engine and systems.

• Secure dash pad to prevent lifting at speed, Velcro/screws.

• Install temporary data logger for Monterey.

• Paint lower side panel-work where exhaust exits to proper Almeras Le Mans blue paint instead of white vinyl as found.


• Prepare car to “race-ready” condition for the next significant historic race event.

• Perform complete nut-and-bolt chassis inspection after clean and wax.

• Replace troublesome non-standard aluminum shift linkage (too much flex) with original 962-C three-piece moly-steel tube shift linkage, replace joint bearings as needed, epoxy joints, align, properly clock shifter as required.

• Remove non-standard cockpit adjustable rear sway bar control lever and cable which interfered with drivers shift arm.

• Check throttle pedal pivot, lubricate throttle cable, adjust returns springs on throttle-bodies, check linkage arms.

• Check and fill all fluids as needed.

• Check brake system, bleed brakes, etc.

• Inspect spark plugs and visual engine/systems, review data acquisition files.

• Replace ducting on rear brake cooling pick-up with correct black duct material.

• Replace battery cover with the original 962-C from this car.


Described by Derek Bell as “A beautifully efficient machine, easy to drive, with no bad habits”, Porsche’s 956 and 962 are absolutely legendary for their dominance in the international Endurance Sports Car racing scene throughout the eighties, and into the early nineties. Piloted by such legendary drivers as A.J. Foyt, Hans Stuck, Vern Schuppan, Jackie Ickx, Al Holbert, Hurley Haywood, and Jurgen Barth, among others, these cars secured many world championships and Le Mans victories for Porsche, including first place at Le Mans from 1982-1987, and again in 1994. The cars underwent Porsche’s fastidious and continuous development, seeing the inclusion of electronic fuel injection, and with the introduction of the 962 to replace the 956, improved safety from a longer wheelbase that placed the driver’s feet behind the front wheels, and numerous other improvements. The 962 represented the culmination of decades of Porsche’s racing experience, and even compared to the already devastating 956, the 962 was a more resolved and effective car still. Their production numbers were also higher, making them easier to supply parts for today.