We’re proud to welcome to our shop the original Porsche Motorsport dyno, a piece of Porsche racing history and a piece of personal history for Retro Sport's founder, Ben Kirchner.

While we've always offered dyno services to our clients, this addition will be dedicated to Porsche engines only. What does this mean for you? Your engine willget the precise tuning it deserves on a dyno built specifically for air and water cooled Mezger based Porsche engines.

A Bit of History

During his time working at Porsche Motorsport North America in the late ‘90s, Ben honed his engine building skills and learned how to run a dyno. The Porsche dyno was used to test and perfect Andial, and later PMNA engines built for Porsche 962s and 935s that ran in the IMSA series from the late ‘70s into the ‘90s under Alwin Springer. Read more about this exciting time in Porsche racing in this excellent article from the MotorSport archives.

Alwin Springer and Eric Bloss. Photo: MotorSport MagazineRichard Creedon & Steve Becker. Photo: MotorSport Magazine

Aware of its important history, Ben was proud to work on the dyno, cutting his teeth on classic racing engines like the 935, 962, 993 RSR, 993 GT2, GT1 and 996 GT3.

Bringing It To The Bay

Everything came full circle in 2017, when after two years of discussions, Retro Sport had the winning bid on acquiring the original dyno. It’s now being restored and will soon be ready to tune a new wave of race Porsche engines.

Porsche Dyno - race car trailer

We can’t wait to see it in action again and we’re excited to be adding the in-house engine dyno to the family of services and products that we offer race Porsche enthusiasts. We’d love to work with you on perfecting your engine and bringing your race performance to a new level.

For now, being the engine geeks that we are, we’ll leave you with this exhilarating video of one of our dyno tests at Hasselgren’s where we've been fortunate to dyno engines for over 17 years.


Want to see how a race engine comes together? Head over to our Instagram @retrosport911 for a timelapse of Ben and Adam putting together the RSR engine in the dyno video above.